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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wayne County in the state of Pennsylvania
Salem Township

Page 159

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
159A1114POTTER, Williamm49CT 
159A2114POTTER, Maryf47CT 
159A3114POTTER, Ralphm22CT 
159A4114POTTER, Andrewm20CT 
159A5114POTTER, Augustaf12CT 
159A6114POTTER, Janef9CT 
159A7115BIDWELL, Russellm36CT 
159A8115BIDWELL, Marrietf33CT 
159A9115BIDWELL, Adda Hf7PA 
159A10115BIDWELL, Corenef5PA 
159A11115BIDWELL, Celestaf3PA 
159A12115BIDWELL, Geo Fm8/12PA 
159A13116ABBEY, Ansonm49CT 
159A14116ABBEY, Clarissaf48CT 
159A15116ABBEY, Julia Af20CT 
159A16116ABBEY, Davidm18CT 
159A17116ABBEY, Russellm15PA 
159A18116ABBEY, Ralphm12PA 
159A19116ABBEY, Anna Mf6PA 
159A20116ABBEY, Lucyf3PA 
159A21117ABBEY, Henrym26CT 
159A22117ABBEY, Sarahf26PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
159A23117ABBEY, Frederick Am1PA 
159A24118FESSENDER, Jeremiahm46CT 
159A25118FESSENDER, Almiraf45CT 
159A26118ELDRIDGE, Augustaf10CT 
159A27119POTTER, Lesterm26CT 
159A28119POTTER, Marindaf26PA 
159A29119POTTER, Almeronm3PA 
159A30119POTTER, Josaphinef1PA 
159A31120ANDREW, Davidm49CT 
159A32120ANDREW, Lucinaf45PA 
159A33120ANDREW, Dennism23PA 
159A34120ANDREW, Danielm12PA 
159A35120ANDREW, Sheldonm9PA 
159A36121WATROUS, Jonathanm54CT 
159A37121WATROUS, Matildaf46CT 
159A38121WATROUS, Armeniaf18PA 
159A39121WATROUS, Annf16PA 
159A40121WATROUS, Lucyf14PA 
159A41121WATROUS, Johnm11PA 
159A42121WATROUS, Winfieldm3PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
159B1138HALL, Francis Em5PA 
159B2138HALL, Elizabethf3PA 
159B3138HALL, Esther Rf15PA 
159B4138SPANGENBERG, Andrew Jm27PA 
159B5138SPANGENBERG, Henry Lm21PA 
159B6138SMITH, R Pm26NJ 
159B7139HOLLISTER, Albert Gm23PA 
159B8139HOLLISTER, Maryf24PA 
159B9139HOLLISTER, Charlesm3PA 
159B10139HOLLISTER, Anna Mf1PA 
159B11139GREGORY, Alansonm23PA 
159B12140STONE, Lymanm25PA 
159B13140STONE, Sarahf22NJ 
159B14140STONE, Maryf1PA 
159B15141MITCHELL, Eli Cm53CT 
159B16141MITCHELL, Maryf44NY 
159B17141MITCHELL, Elviraf17PA 
159B18141MITCHELL, Butler Em13PA 
159B19141MITCHELL, Johnm11PA 
159B20141MITCHELL, Janef7PA 
159B21141MITCHELL, Emmaf5PA 
159B22142FESSENDEN, Elizum25CT 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
159B23142FESSENDEN, Luriciaf20CT 
159B24142FESSENDEN, Geom2PA 
159B25142CHAPMAN, Dwightm13CT 
159B26143TUCKER, D Cm27NY 
159B27143TUCKER, Mary Ef21PA 
159B28143TUCKER, Aldinm18/12PA 
159B29144MOTT, John Cm47NY 
159B30144MOTT, Senaf44NY 
159B31144MOTT, Lucy Annf21PA 
159B32144MOTT, Philenaf18PA 
159B33144MOTT, Zibaf15PA 
159B34144MOTT, Byronm13PA 
159B35144MOTT, Geo Om5PA 
159B36144MOTT, Maryf3PA 
159B37145MITCHELL, Jairum47PA 
159B38145MITCHELL, Eunicef43PA 
159B39145MITCHELL, Nancyf20PA 
159B40145MITCHELL, Mansonm19PA 
159B41145MITCHELL, Vincentm17PA 
159B42145MITCHELL, Philenaf14PA 

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