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Townships of Luzerne County Pennsylvania


While the website is still looking for a map (of reasonable size) showing the township and borough boundaries of what is now Lackawanna County, the following shows the relative positions of the townships within the northern portion of the county in the late 1800s.

         Lenox Twp                          Clifford Twp
                Susquehanna County                                 |  W
--------+----------------------------------------------------------+  a
W       |  Benton Twp          Greenfield Twp		Fell Twp   |  y  Canaan
y  C    |                                                          |  n    Twp
o  o    |  Abington Twp           Scott Twp          Carbondale    |  e  
m  u    |                                                          |     
i  n    | 			          Blakeley Twp	           |  C  
n  t    |  Newton Twp                             Jefferson Twp    |  o   
g  y    |                                                          |  u  
        |         Ransom Twp       SCRANTON  Dunmore               |  n
        |                                      Roaring Brook       |  t
        |                                               Madison Twp|  y
        |                                                          |

If you have access to a "real" map of the county that outlines the township boundaries,
please email us .

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