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DSdata is aware that the presentation of data regarding living persons is a subject for which a great range of opinion exists. The purpose of this page is to clarify what policies will be used by this site.

Firstly, it is the opinion of the site designer that to simply ignore someone because they are still living is incorrect. Living, speaking and communicating people are the best source of information regarding family history. At the same time, many relations are not interested in family history and some cousins appear (greatly) embarassed by the existence of other descendants of their (great...great) grand-parents.

The following applies to living persons
INDIVIDUAL permission to provide detailed information
has been obtained from the person or their guardian

  1. For persons less than 60 years old (at the time the data page is generated)
  2. Persons less than 25 years old (at the time the data page is generated) will have their names appear as {First Initial} {Surname} only.
  3. Marriage locations and dates are considered public information and are not altered. Consideration will be given to individual requests to make this data less specific; for example, changing 23 May 1987 Scranton, PA to 1987 PA.
  4. Any additional text information provided in Personal Ancestry List pages must be agreed to by the individual except for:

Any person listed on this site - by virtue of inclusion from census entries, Personal Ancestry List entries or any other reference - is entitled to have an email URL included at no cost. Simply send an email to the site webmaster. If such an URL appears, and you wish it removed or updated, the same procedure will apply.


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