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CV of Frederick W Myers

In the fourteen years since arriving in Australia, my work has been primarily the setup and development of applications for the CA-Ingres database products using both VMS and Unix operating systems. I have been involved with the conversion of a number of traditional applications to the CA-Ingres environment. I, through my firm, Diamond State Data Services, have been a CA-Ingres consulting partner, one of a very small number of such firms in Western Australia.

The strengths which support this position are the ability to quickly and accurately solve problems and master new situations combined with a background in the use of the CA-Ingres tools. The effective use of OpenRoad in a rapid application development has permitted me to create cost-effective business solutions.

The quality of my work can be seen in the long term relationships with clients which have held over a number of contracts (and years). I would like to develop a long-term relationship which would permit a combination of on-site and off-site development, though I understand the nature of workplace visibility.

Educational background:

Employment History

1992-date as/through Diamond State Data Services, contracted for the benefit of the following clients: