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DSData has been a Computer Associates Inc. CA-Ingres consulting partner since early 1996. The company has been a productive participant in the recent Ingres II 2.5 beta review program.

Interest and project activities include database administration and development work (character and GUI-based environments). DSData has complete development environments for CA-Ingres on both UNIX (Linux/SCO) and Windows NT platforms.

Client History and employment details can be found in the CV of the principal consultant , Frederick W. Myers.

The demonstration data on this website is based on private development of a series of programs to support a large genealogy / family history database. The many contributors are thanked for providing the source material in a form suitable for inclusion.

If you enjoy your visit to our site and feel that we can be of assistance in organizing information for your business or website, we are a commercial venture and will be happy to discuss arrangements based on your needs and interests.

For companies in the Great Southern region, the sale, configuration and setup of networked computer systems are among the services available. Both UNIX and Microsoft networking products are supported. Local references are available on request.


Please email requests and comments to the site administrator at webadmin@dsdata.com.au.

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