Albums of Family reunion photos

Snyder Fuller Family Reunion Photographs
August 1908

During August 1908, Eldridge James Synder, was the head of the SNYDER family residing at the farm surronding Round Lake in southeastern Susquehanna County. He was a very successful farmer as shown by the hot houses in the background of several of the photos.

The FULLER portion of the reunion was for his wife's mother's family. Alas, there is little known about who the FULLER participants in the gathering were.

  1. 86K The full gathering in front of the house of Eldridge Snyder at Round Lake
  2. 101K The family of Eldridge Snyder From the left
    Front row Lena Snyder Cameron, Donald Cameron, Edna Snyder Conrad, Eldridge Snyder, Emma Spearbeck Snyder, Amaretta Watkins Snyder, Mae Smith Snyder, Donald Cameron, EHF Conrad, Clarence Snyder, Henry Snyder, Arthur Snyder
  3. 47K Accomodation for the family
  4. 89K A quiet informal setting for the family

  5. The family farm
    showing house, grounds and hot houses not only was a focus for the reunion photos but a very similar photo was the feature of a newspaper article about 6 months after the reunion.

  6. 57K The gathering sitting down for a meal

Bitmap images (with a bit :-) better resolution of these photos are available on request. A summary of names where known will be posted when the web master's schedule permits.

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