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The Ancestry of Northeastern Pennsylvania
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Adams -
Anthony An Ancestor family from New England
Bortree An Irish family that took several trips to finally settle in Wayne County
Cary / Carey One of my favorite uncles is included - but his ancestors were early settlers in Wayne County
Carpenter Obadiah was one of the original settlers from Attleborough MA
Cobb An Early settler family - responsible for the naming of Mount Cobb, PA
Most - but not all - are the descendants of Asa from New York
Conrad Two separate family lines - one from a Revolutionary War Hessian soldier - the second from the web master's great grandfather
Decker An Early settler family with branches arriving from both Orange County, NY and Sussex County, NJ with ancestry back to the early Dutch families of New Amsterdam
Eldred This family originates from Orange County, New York and probably descends from New England ancestors. Most settled in Wayne County, PA and Delaware County, NY.
Fuller An Early settler family with an older Asaph marrying a young widow to start the family that is most found in these records
Gilpin An Irishman settling in Dreher (then Sterling) Township started this Wayne County clan by marrying into the BORTREE family
Green / Greene An Ancestor family with individuals arriving in the mid 1800s from the Albany New York area with ancestors in the early settlement of Massachusetts
Kellam / Kellum John moved to Wayne County from NY in the early 1800s
Lee A major branch from the COBB family
Lord Arriving from England about 1815 and setting up house in Pike County
Lowry Arrived in NE Pennsylvania from Massachusetts with a stop in New Jersey
Mack A family that was part of the early Connecticut settlers into Brooklyn Township
McKune A family moving to Susquehanna County from Orange Co New York in 1810
Moon Another branch from the COBB family
Mott A relatively late arrival with the identified residents probably arriving from New York State in the 1830s or 1840s
Myers / Myars / Meyer Moving from the Hudson valley in the 1830s, these families are of special interest to the website administrator.
Pickering An Early settler family with brothers Jotham and Phineas arriving from Massachusetts in the 1790s
Ross An early settler family in Wayne County
Rought The story is that three brothers migrated to the new world shortly after end of the American Revolutionary War. It seems all three settled in Northeastern Pennsylvania.
Simons A family with Irish heritage but coming through Philadelphia before the sons settled in Pike County
Smith -
Snyder An number of early settler families - Benjamin arriving from New York State prior to his marriage in 1816. It is suspected that he had many cousins already in the area and even more following him, but so far that has not been proven.
Sterling Many of James' children formed part of the early settlement of Brooklyn
Stevens The first permanent settler in Sterling Township, Wayne County was Henry Stevens, a Hollander
Sweet Amos was an in-law of the partners settlement of Harford
Swingle Eventually these records will show the ancestry of this family that contributed greatly to the early settlement of Wayne County.
Tennant An interesting story of four brothers marrying four sisters and then heading to the Great Bend region of Susquehanna County.
Tewksbury Isaac Tewksbury the father of most of the northeasten Pennsylvania clan came to Brooklyn township in 1804 from Vermont. He was born and married in Amesbury, Essex, MA.
Tiffany Arriving from Massachusetts before 1800
Tingley Elkanah was another of the early Harford settlers
Tyler John was another early settler from Attleborough MA
Wetherby A family that settled in nothern Luzerne County
Wilmarth Thomas was one of the original settlers from Attleborough
Woodmansee Gideon was one of early settlers in Buckingham township Wayne County

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