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Index Extract of the 1910 US Census
Northeastern Pennsylvania

Access the index of all names in the extracted 1910 census data
Data will be displayed by household
Or access the data by each census page by selecting the township

Wayne County
1910 US Census data
County Township map Thanks Lisa
Township Individuals Different
Popular Names
Bethany Township 295 90
Prompton Township 263 85
Starrucca Borough 381 86

Susquehanna County
1910 US Census data
County Township map
Township Individuals Different
Popular Names
Friendsville Township 103 37
Mathews 23
Gibson Township 925182
Uniondale Borough 35586


The data on this website is transcribed from images of the original census pages.


The census records of 1910 are numbered by page. This number was added after the census was completed and actually refers to two sides of a physical page. Each page is numbered from lines 1 to approximately 100. Note that the census taker may have skipped a household number. And in some cases more than one person has been entered on a specific line.

This extract includes In addition
The full 1910 census also includes
  • The page and line number
  • The individual's name,
  • age (as recorded in the census)
  • place of their birth.
  • Relationship to head of household
  • Color
  • Marital Status
    Years in present marriage
  • Number of children born and still living
  • Place of birth of parents
  • Able to speak English
  • Profession or Occupationa
    Self-employed - Number weeks unemployed
  • Education - able to read/write
    attended school within the year
  • Property owned, rented or mortgaged
  • Civil War veteran
  • Deaf, dumb, blind or insane


Please remember that all transcriptions are subject to human error. If you find an error of transcription, let us know and we will fix it. During the initial screening of the pages we will do further checking of the data on the pages. The main thought has been that it is more important to make the data available than to spend an additional number of weeks verifying and re-verifying in the data. Having said that, every effort is made to ensure that the transcription is correct when posted.


The entries in the census are cross-referenced to the data contained in the Ancestry List (family lineage data found on this site). This step is a time consuming process and work on completing this is a continuing effort.

But what does this cross-referencing mean? An example serves better than a text description. Look at the 1850 census index entry for the family of Preserved Pickering. Where the census household number is is matched on the Ancestry List, the household number will be shown as a URL link to the family group page. Correspondingly, individuals will be cross-referenced to their individual page by a URL link.

If you find an entry which should be cross-referenced and is not, please let us know by supplying the township and household number along with the URL of the Ancestry List entry.


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